Healer Teacher




"The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed — to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is.  Parker J Palmer  

My deepest intention and skill as a healing guide is to use patience, respect, intuition and empathic sensitivity to see, hear, and companion your whole being in a way that helps you see, hear, and companion yourself.   

Ways we can connect


I give intuitive energy healing sessions, holistic bodywork, and yoga guidance — all with refined technical skill and deep emotional and soul awareness. I can support you with acute or chronic issues and navigating subtle and intense shifts. Whether you feel you need a seasonal tune up or a healing companion over the course of a period of time, I'm here. 


Private Sessions

Through years of self-study and learning from masters in the field of yoga and healing, as well as 14 years of professional practice, my work has evolved into a holistic practice that supports your whole being, whether we use one or several modalities including yoga, bodywork, or energy work.

I love working with people seeking emotional and mental support, a sustainable self-care routine, deep systemic healing, pain relief,  and a stronger embodiment of spiritual principles.


Guided Embodiment Meditations 

listen for free

At the beginning of 2018, for about ten minutes once a week, I sat down and intuitively recorded an unscripted meditation. Listen, share, enjoy. 



insights and contemplations

Since I spend my days observing nature, being present in my body, witnessing my thoughts and emotions, literally making it my job to live and teach with yoga principles as my anchor and compass, it comes naturally that I'd have pooled considerable resources in the form of insights and understandings. As well as questions. Writing is a way for me to explore those questions and share those resources. May my explorations and expressions be of some benefit to you as well.