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Why I Write

Up until now, I've kept insights that come to me stored in my memory banks for personal reference. Sometimes I've used them to help a friend gain perspective or incorporated them into lectures and yoga classes. After years of learning from illuminating moments and sharing them selectively, I'm ready to pass on more of what I receive to more people.

I dedicate these pages to the creative process of listening, staying open to receive and sharing what I feel called to.

It is magically fulfilling to feel various parts of practice and living cohered in a flash of insight. A state of wonder happens when lucid ideas appear in short phrases like a mantra or threads of sentences. As I considered why I felt drawn to create a blog and write these insights down more formally and publicly, three reasons clearly presented themselves.

  1. For my personal growth and fulfillment. When I write or speak without inhibition I feel more alive and connected to the ineffable mystery of life and become more grounded and embodied in my deepest self. As I allow writing or speech to come through freely, I restore trust in intuition, expand my ability to listen with honesty and express with clarity. The act of writing, and now the vulnerability of sharing, keeps me honest, open, and trusting. I value these foundational aspects of living a life with integrity so much and honor what needs to come through by giving it a clearer voice. By cultivating this practice, I can feel my capacity for discernment, compassion, patience, and love growing and gaining strength.

    Writing in this way feels like a soul-driven spiritual endeavor that eschews ego-driven validation and utilizes intelligent awareness to communicate my truth. While I know it may be challenging at times, I feel it fueling my purpose of healing myself and helping others heal. As I dedicate time and attention to writing, inevitably more is revealed to me than was in the first moment of insight. When I sit down to communicate the idea, it becomes more refined and I have to allow myself to set aside old beliefs or self-images. Refining flashes of insight through communicating them helps me assimilate them more and perhaps reading them helps you, too.

  2. It might help you! Witnessing each other's growth, self-inquiries, self-compassion, faith, and trust fortifies each others light and encourages us to keep going on a path of integrity, right speech, and right action. Perhaps the simple act of expressing myself vulnerably will inspire someone to pick up an instrument and write the song they've carried in their heart for years or someone to say what's been cycling in their mind for decades, or draw, or design, or organize, or whatever. Beyond witnessing the sheer act of self-expression, perhaps there will be a line or paragraph that is just what you needed to read to gain perspective on a relationship or thought pattern or re-invest in self-care and see potential for growth. Anything I may contribute to helping someone else set themselves free even just a little bit is worth my time and attention.

  3. For Us. It helps our collective community and overall collective consciousness on a soul level and an unseen level when anyone raises their personal vibration. By acknowledging and sincerely participating in a creative process, we not only transform ourselves and those close to us (you the reader in this case) we also effect change in our collective thought forms and energy field. There is an unseen shared space between all of our minds and all of our hearts so when our thoughts or emotions move and shift, our collective mind and heart change. May we raise each other up and consider each other partners in co-creating a more truthful, trusting, and loving world!

With love and warmth. Namaste.




    Marisa Bonfanti