Healer Teacher




Guided Embodiment Meditations

At the beginning of 2018, I felt inspired to sit down once a week to record intuitive guided meditations. What manifested is a batch of 8 recordings that brings listeners into a deeper intimacy with the body, breath, mind, emotions, and spirit; and deliver new ways of being in that intimacy.

They are...


meditative listening experiences

fueled by personal practice

inspired by our shared needs and potential

You may listen to these while seated, walking, resting in a restorative position or to bring more mindfulness during daily tasks. 

Listen. Enjoy. Share. Repeat.



Guided Embodiment Meditation:

Shape Change

recorded on : 01/04/17

Cultivating qualities of sincere receptivity and release while observing the shape change of the breath


Guided Embodiment Meditation:

Observing The Pause

recorded on : 01/12/18

Observing the pauses between breaths as a way to experience and access the still place within us amidst the movement and fluctuations of the inhale, exhale, mind, and life.


Guided Embodiment Meditation:

The Water-ness of Being

recorded on : 01/18/18


Connecting with our earthy and watery energy within the physical body and shining a loving light on what is held in the pelvis.


Guided Embodiment Meditation:

One Word for Grounding

recorded on : 01/27/18


A one word mantra meditation with a brief explanation of the mantra. For grounding yourself whether you're in seated meditation or walking through your day. "Lam" is a Bija Mantra ("seed sound") that we can repeat verbally and mentally to sync ourselves up with the qualities of Earth, leaving us feeling more grounded and supported.


Guided Embodiment Meditation:

One Way To Feel Your Center

recorded on : 02/03/18


A gentle and clear practice of observing your body's physical layers to bring you in touch with your internal center. One way to help your mind "center" and rest in the present moment.


Guided Embodiment Meditation:

Embodying Self-Love

recorded on : 02/12/18


Self-Love may feel elusive and daunting at times. This meditation guides you into feeling unconditional self love, in a simple and memorable way.


Guided Embodiment Meditation:

Learning to Listen

recorded on : 2/23/18


Listening to the sounds around us with an objective ear. Cultivating a non-judgemental way to listen and hear.


Guided Embodiment Meditation:

Opening The Emotional Field

recorded on : 3/7/18

Spend time in the emotional field where there are no positive or negative emotions, no right or wrong, where you are free to exist fully and be sensitive safely. Experience emotions equally and discover your emotional ability to self-regulate and self-heal.