We can work together one-one-one, one session at a time
or you can have a self-care mentorship with me
over the course of six or twelve sessions.
Select the option that best suits you.

I offer 4 kinds of private sessions

• holistic energy balancing
• holistic bodywork
• therapeutic yoga with bodywork
• online mentorship calls

My Locations

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Online • Zoom video chat

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holistic energy balancing

I also call this table work because you receive it while relaxing on a massage table (for some home visits we can opt to have it on the floor). It’s a combination of Reiki healing and intuitive energy balancing. I incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils to facilitate healing (either on my hands for aromatherapy or a drop on an acupoint).

What is Reiki  Healing? -   Gentle, restorative touch on or just above the body to relax the body, calm the mind, and increase innate healing processes. It creates a soothing enveloping feeling of being held in a safe space.

What is Intuitive Energy Balancing? - Visual, manual, and intuitive observation of where the body or energy field needs support with energetic touch. My intuition is additionally informed by knowledge of anatomy, physiology, energy lines, and empathic understanding. Sometimes includes breathing instruction, dialogue, or sounding.

What is Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT)? - A healing system in which essential oils are applied on key acupressure points to balance energy for physical and subtle body healing. It can have profound effects on the nervous system and heal deep old schisms or patterns. Organic therapeutic essential oils are selected based on their healing properties and how they can balance certain meridian points for each individual. 


holistic bodywork

A combination of three healing methods that I’ve found to be most effective and enjoyable to receive: Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reiki energy work, and Aroma Acupoint Therapy. 

I also refer to this as floor work because you receive the session on a cushioned floor mat, wearing comfy clothes. After a compassionate check-in with you, I observe your body, sense your energy, and intuitively apply acupressure and gentle stretching while incorporating select essential oils and Reiki. These healing methods alchemize sublimely to create deep systemic shifts that contribute to the resolution of emotional and physical discomfort as well as broaden consciousness. I draw from extensive training in anatomy and biomechanics as well as my personal embodiment of the chakra system, Chinese Five Element Theory, and essential oils.


therapeutic yoga with bodywork

Meditative movement at the pace of your breath that integrates yoga postures, deep concentration, relaxation, and hands-on healing.

Working intuitively and in response to your needs, the session may include dynamic flow, inversions, restorative yoga postures, essential oils, spontaneous or deliberate sounding, anatomy training, and healing bodywork for a fully nourishing and transforming experience. I have experience teaching women throughout pregnancy and after birth, designing programs for clients with chronic tension, pain, anxiety, depression or rehabilitating post surgery, and facilitating personal growth and healing through yoga and allied therapies. 

self-care mentorships

Guidance to help you fortify your self-support systems over the course of 6 or 12 private sessions. May include holistic energy work, holistic bodywork, therapeutic yoga with bodywork, and online video calls.

You share what’s on your mind, felt in your body, and in your heart. In our first session, I observe and share how you may be able to support yourself in physical practices, mental practices, and heart-centered practices. Based on the first session, and informed by the following sessions, we have an on-going dialogue and give you the physical, mental, and emotional support you need.



(Sessions are 75 minutes)

My Location
single session: $120
6 session series: $650
12 session series: $1200

Home Visits
Rates are dependent on location.
Email me your address and I’ll let you know.

Hours and Locations

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Online virtual video sessions (Zoom) by appointment


Venmo, PayPal, cash or check are accepted

Cancellation Policy

Clients are responsible for full payment of sessions that are cancelled on the day of or the day before the session.