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Holistic Energy Healing

Using an integration of healing techniques and strong intuition, these sessions give us an opportunity to navigate and work with your physical and subtle energy body to facilitate healing. I provide the sensitivity and loving touch of my hands, my deep knowing intuition, and invite you to participate however your mind-body-spirit want to in each moment whether it's resting in deep silent relaxation, vocalizing with me, engaging in guided breathwork, or a stream of healing dialogue. Each session takes it's own form depending on how the energy flows in the moment. 

Healing Techniques Used:

Reiki  Healing -   Gentle, restorative touch on or just above the body to channel life energy,  creating a feeling of being held in a safe, nurturing space so the body-mind-spirit is able to relax deeply, activating innate inner healing.

Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT) - A healing system in which essential oils are applied on key acupressure points to balance energy for physical and subtle body healing.

Combining these modalities creates a profound support system for the visceral and physical networks of the body, helping activate vitality and restore the client's experience of their natural wholeness.

Acute or chronic conditions of the physical body and pyscho-emotional nature can be treated safely and effectively with this approach. Marisa also works with people who are seeking energy work to awaken deeper levels of consciousness, creativity, and self-empowerment. Tension, aches, pains, static emotions, and repetitive thoughts can take new shape in a noticeable and lasting way so your true nature shines more freely and fully. 

Organic artisan quality essential oils are selected based on their healing properties and how they can balance certain meridian points for each individual. 


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Integrative Bodywork

This signature treatment integrates the three healing methods Marisa is most fluent in: Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reiki energy work, and Aroma Acupoint Therapy. Marisa observes the physical body, senses the subtle energy field and intuitively applies acupressure and gentle stretching while incorporating select essential oils and Reiki to enhance the overall benefits of the treatment.

This intuitive combination of healing methods and Marisa's loving presence alchemize sublimely to create deep systemic shifts that contribute to the resolution of emotional and physical discomfort as well as broaden consciousness.

Marisa draws from her extensive training in anatomy and biomechanics as well as her embodiment and deep understanding of the chakra system, Chinese Five Element Theory, and essential oils to provide the most effective and enjoyable experience.

Given on a cushioned floor mat.


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Integrative Private Yoga

Personal guidance and support in yoga asana, breathing, sounding, and meditation to cultivate deeper self awareness and sustainable self-care integrated with bodywork adjustments and energy balancing.

Marisa meets you where you are at and provides a safe, nurturing, informative experience. Her grounding energy and embodiment of yoga practice serve as anchors and guides for brand new beginners and experienced yogis alike. She is a steady partner in cultivating compassion and developing strength in every way.

Asana is breath-centered hatha-vinyasa with respect for each student's physical and emotional energy levels. Her anatomy trainings with Leslie Kaminoff and Jason Ray Brown combined with years working in a physical therapy clinic and giving bodywork ensure that the sequences, assists, and alignment cues are effective and safe. Marisa's background as a Prana yoga teacher trainer and her innate empathic nature provide deep knowledge of the energetic systems of the body-mind. 

Working intuitively and in response to any requests, the session may include dynamic flow, inversions, restorative yoga postures, essential oils, spontaneous or deliberate sounding, anatomy training, and healing touch for a fully nourishing and transforming experience. Marisa has experience teaching women throughout pregnancy and after birth, designing programs for clients with chronic tension, pain, anxiety, depression or rehabilitating post surgery, and facilitating personal growth and healing through yoga and allied therapies. 


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Self-Care Packages

A series of sessions, any combination of the services listed above that will be beneficial for you. Based on the experience of each treatment, you and Marisa will choose what is helpful to receive next. As energy moves and changes occur, it can be helpful to utilize different modalities to support growth and healing. Combining methods in a short period time creates powerful results and offers new insights and information from different perspectives for the recipient to integrate into their self-awareness and self-care. Marisa offers recommendations for the timing of each following session and honors your intuition on when you would like to receive the next treatment. 


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