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Yoga Embodiment : First Chakra

Yoga Embodiment : First Chakra


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This gently flowing asana class integrates yoga postures with bija mantra and long vowel sounds to help move and balance emotional energy. The meditative sequence of supine and standing positions offers access to your body’s natural ability to ground itself. This is a grounding, empowering class for anyone with some yoga experience.

Elements of the Class Include:

  • meditative movement at the beginning (joint warm-ups, core connection, pelvic movements) orients you to your relationship with the support beneath you and within you

  • steady standing postures and balancing poses integrated with kapalabhati breath and sounding to release fear and strengthen your physical (legs, feet) and energetic roots

  • focus on embodying the qualities of earth element and balancing the energy of the first chakra (root chakra)

Bija mantra are seed sounds that help build energy in the body and heighten awareness of energy moving through the body. Singing them in yoga postures cultivates a nuanced intelligence of your physically and emotional self and fortifies you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Using them in conjunction with breathing techniques supports going deeper in the pose. The bija mantra are: lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, om.

Long vowel sounds are open, extended sounds like ahhhh or ohhhh that help release stuck tension around the diaphragm thereby facilitating more freedom of breath and vocal expression. On an emotional level, singing these sounds is a simple, effective, and powerful way to move energy from one part of our energy field to another or to release it from our field.

This class runs for ninety minutes including warm-ups, active asana, relaxation, and meditation. Once you listen through, you may choose to practice one section or the entire class in repeat listenings.

Information and instruction provided in this recording are not meant as a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please use it at your own discretion and consult a medical professional prior to use if you have physical or emotional injury or illness and need support.

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